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Building Companies in BristolBradley Stoke Builder is one of the best building companies in Bristol

Bradley Stoke Builder is one of the reputed and professional building companies in Bristol. Build your ideal house with our expertise. We have the skills and experience to provide you with a top quality work. What distinguishes us in the industry is that we provide a guarantee of our work to give you a peace of mind.

We are offering the best services to our valued clients. Moreover, we specialise and expert in building homes. We also provide services for home extensions and home renovations. Our staff is highly qualified and knowledgeable about all the construction. They always stay in contact with the client to avoid misunderstanding. According to client requirements, we also make quotes.

Services we offer:

Following are the main services we are providing to our clients, including;

  • Home renovations
  • Home extensions
  • Kitchen fitting
  • Bathroom fitting
  • Plumbing
  • Building supplies
  • Property maintenance

Importance of our reliable builders:

Following are the main points, which show the importance of our reliable builders, including;

Our online reputation:

Bradley Stoke Builders is a popular company among many other building companies in Bristol. We provide the best services to facilitate our clients. This improves and enhances our reputation in both local and online markets. Giving the best services increase the quality of the company. Moreover, in case of good facilities, people also recommend us to their dear ones. Our valued services and client’s response make our company reputation higher and higher.

Approach our building experts

We are providing all the services you want. In terms of providing good services, you also memorize us. Moreover, you can also recommend us to others on the basis of facilities and services. However, you can also visit our websites to satisfy yourselves.


Choosing us is the best opportunity, as we are inexpensive. We provide all the different services according to client’s requirement. However, we complete our work within the budget and value your money. Usually, you only have to play for the construction and items. Moreover, we design and fix all the items according to client choice and desires. We are cost-effective and focus on the quality, reliability and integrity. Therefore, we complete our task with high standards and within the prescribed time.

Important role of our expert builder:

We have a qualified team, as they are knowledgeable about different construction techniques and terminologies. Our expert builders play an important role in constructing your homes. Generally, they work as a building production management. Our professional builders manage and monitor every working procedure. Furthermore, our expert uses different techniques to achieve their objectives.

Our builders construct your home with the most efficient and cost-effective manner. We completely discuss the whole process with our clients. However, we also ask about client requirements and opinions. In addition, we use the best quality home accessories to make your home stylish. Our builders follow the schedules to make you sure that they complete their task in time. Moreover, we guarantee you to construct your home with high-quality work.

Our expert and professional builders solve all type of construction problems. They manage all the construction task and prevent the risk of damages. However, we work according to our clients wish and take stress off from homeowner’s shoulders. At each stage, we are providing reliable services to give peace of mind.

Our professional builder duties:

Following are the major duties of our professional builder, including:

  • Organize construction plans
  • Provide quotation to clients
  • Submit building tenders for building work
  • Approve your construction maps through local authorities
  • Organizing contractors to carry working task, including carpenter, electricians, plumbers and painters
  • Calculate all the quantities and costs including material and labour
  • Maintain all safety standards
  • Coordinate with administration
  • Professional supervising contractors and employees
  • Do work on secludes and complete the task within the time
  • Undertaking some building work
Builder’s toolbox:

Our builders always equip with a toolbox that includes:

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Saws
  • Levels
  • Screwdrivers
  • Electrical tools

You can contact us, as our contact number is given on our website. Other than that, you can visit our workplace and contact us via email. Our professional and expert staff is always available to help and guide you. However, you can also leave us a message with your name and number. We value our clients and give them a quick positive response. In addition, you can easily contact us anytime, during our working hours. By contacting us, we give you more information and further details related to construction. We love to answer you about your queries to give you a full satisfaction.